Having Fun at Journey World!

December 4, 2011 10:07 PM
General Wood Club members got an opportunity to explore careers at Journey World, a unique, experiential programming space in Chicago hosted by the Girl Scouts that is designed to inspire the next generation of civic and community leaders.
The young people were split into different age categories and then given jobs.  Older members served as a town mayor, judges, bank presidents, business owners, and accountants.  The younger members were offered experiences as police officers, bank clerks, and product designers.  All members reported for duty immediately and started making products, going to the bank for loans, and getting their businesses up and running.  The Town Mayor held the first town meeting where each business owner was announced and then gave a breakdown of the products being sold and how much they cost.  Each member was given a check to go cash when it was their break so they could purchase other products made at other shops.  The members loved running the businesses and making the products as well as shopping and spending their hard-earned cash.
"This was a great opportunity for our members to role play, assume leadership positions and work together as a real community," said Area Club Director Milo Hinojosa.